Friday, April 30, 2010

Oprah Winfrey says Howdy!

Please ignore the hat…everything else in this outfit is Style Cliques approved! The frilly blue detail on this shirt is the perfect back drop for a sweater with a pop of color. Paired with patent croc flats this outfit is perfect for running errands around town or business casual at the office!

Go to and find out where to purchase this Celebrity Inspired outfit!

Jean Paul Gaultier Styles for Less

You aren’t going to believe where I found this dress! Jean Paul Gaultier fashions at Target are on super sale and this little number only cost $40 bucks! I really like the edgy design and fabric…it seems to be a nylon material like a wind breaker jacket. At first I thought that was odd but it made more sense after I learned who the designer was. It’s really light weight and stays up great for a strapless dress. I don’t have to tug at the top to keep it up!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Find out where to get your Summer Fedoras cheap!

Heads up ladies! During my last visit at Target I happen to stumble on super cute summer fedoras at really great prices…so good I picked 2 up for myself! If you are shopping for a hat you must check out I was surprised at the overall selection and the price range is about $12 - $17 which is roughly half that of most other retailers.

There are several designs to choose from, but if you want my advice stay away from the feather/bead trimmed cowboy hats, yikes! Go for the floppy sun hats and my favorite the fedoras. They are super cute and add stylish flare to any outfit!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Extend Fashion to Your Fingertips!

I met my girlfriend for lunch the other day and couldn’t help but notice her amazing nails! They were over the top sparkly & fabulous!

Checkout her close-up shot on the left. She told me they were Minx nails. They are applied at a professional nail salon, and it’s a very thin flexible film that is laid over your natural nail. There are tons of photo-quality designs to choose from and you can even make personalized graphics for a completely customized look.

The cost is more than traditional nail polish but it lasts longer, about a week on the fingers and up to a month on the toes. I can’t wait to get my nails Minx! Apparently only certain salons apply Minx you can find locations at their website

Thanks for the Finger "Tip" Kathy & for being a dedicated Style Cliques Member! If you have a fashion tip or question we want to know! Please write us at

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Designer Fashion for Less!

As promised I was on site at Target Sunday April 25th to investigate new fashions by designer Zac Posen. The fashions where there but I don’t completely agree that “real women” would wear this stuff in everyday life. The ideas are cute but it seems to be like party and night out items more than anything else.

I was very pleased with the length of the dresses and skirts if you’re average height, as most items hit just above the knee. I don’t understand the recent trend in short short dresses as they aren’t flattering for most of us ladies. The length however didn’t work for my 5’10” shopping companion, even in size large. My favorite item was the sailor dress that comes in Pink pictured here and Multicolor Pink for only $39.99! The Black Sweater dress was also very cute but you must be thin or fully Spanked to be comfortable in that number.

All in all the fashions are interesting and I look forward to any new releases. I will keep this line in mind next time I’m looking for a party dress!

For more photos click here

Zac Posen Dresses Modeled by Kathy Zelena-Schultz and Christina Clay

Friday, April 23, 2010

White shoes are fantastic because they go with just about anything, True or False?

The answer is false! One hard and fast fashion rule I always enforce is “No White Shoes!” Forget about Labor Day just don’t wear them, and I’m not referring to athletic shoes. White shoes make your feet look huge and seem to have a glowing affect. Simply put, it’s just not a good thing.
Don’t believe me? Well, if Super Model Heidi Klum can’t pull off it off what makes you think you can! All I can see are giant white shoes in this picture…what do you see?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Case you run into Quinton Tarantino or Brad Pitt…

Make sure you look movie star ready! One way to ensure looking your best is by getting a blowout. Shiny hair not only looks sexy but will make you look younger! Your stylist can add just the right products that provide shine and long lasting hold. When done right a professional blowout will last 2-3 days.

These ladies are red carpet ready at the Directors Guild Awards 2010, but blow outs aren’t just for the red carpet. Get your hair done anytime you want to standout at a party, special date or a night out with the gals. Beautiful hair will boost your self confidence!

Hair on left was done by Holiday Salon Costa Mesa, CA. Stock up now! Ask Alex for details on a 2-for-1 blowout deal for the month of April!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

J. Crew Outfits by

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Want legs that look a mile long?

No! I’m not suggesting that you tan…tanning just speeds up the aging process and who needs that! Spray tans work but we are very busy ladies and don’t always have time for a visit to our local tanning spa…and besides it only lasts a few days. A better suggestion is to take that spray tan money and invest in a great pair of nude/tan colored heels. Heels make the muscles in your leg flex creating a leaner look, and the tan color will extend your leg by tricking the eye. To get maximum length, select a shoe with a pointed toe and then like magic your legs will look a mile long, super sexy and leaner! Not to mention the color will work with almost any outfit, a great investment to say the least.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Dress Like Jennifer Aniston!

Learn how Celebrity Cliques and your on-line closet work! Checkout this video by Style Cliques, watch and learn…

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Please, no toes hangin' over the front of any opened-toed shoe

If your toes hang over it most likely means you need a bigger size shoe or if the heel is super high your foot might just be slipping down the front of your sandal. Here’s a little secret - shoe pads can actually make your feet look better by preventing your toes from hanging over the edge of the shoe and provide some comfort. Try “Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball Of Foot Cushions” once in the right position they stick really well. If that doesn’t work then bag the open toed shoes…it just unsightly!

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