Monday, April 26, 2010

Designer Fashion for Less!

As promised I was on site at Target Sunday April 25th to investigate new fashions by designer Zac Posen. The fashions where there but I don’t completely agree that “real women” would wear this stuff in everyday life. The ideas are cute but it seems to be like party and night out items more than anything else.

I was very pleased with the length of the dresses and skirts if you’re average height, as most items hit just above the knee. I don’t understand the recent trend in short short dresses as they aren’t flattering for most of us ladies. The length however didn’t work for my 5’10” shopping companion, even in size large. My favorite item was the sailor dress that comes in Pink pictured here and Multicolor Pink for only $39.99! The Black Sweater dress was also very cute but you must be thin or fully Spanked to be comfortable in that number.

All in all the fashions are interesting and I look forward to any new releases. I will keep this line in mind next time I’m looking for a party dress!

For more photos click here

Zac Posen Dresses Modeled by Kathy Zelena-Schultz and Christina Clay

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